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How We Work

The Royal Anglian Regiment Museum is an entirely independent charity registered with the Charity Commission (Registered Charity Number 1039930).

The Museum was set up in 1996 with generous donations from a wide variety of individuals, commercial organisations and charitable trusts. We receive a small annual grant from the Ministry of Defence but otherwise rely on donations and investment income to cover our operating costs.

The Museum is run by a Board of Trustees, all of whom serve on a voluntary basis. Our sole employee is our Curator, Miss Melissa Kozlenko. A number of volunteers generously help in the running of the Museum. If you are interested in joining our Volunteer Team please contact us.

Want to know more detail? Click here to download a copy of our latest annual report and accounts as submitted to the Charity Commission.


Name: Lieutenant Colonel P G R Horrell TD DL (Peter)

Name: Major T Dormer TD (Tom)

Name: Lieutenant Colonel S D Etherington OBE (Simon)

Name: Colonel N H Kelsey OBE TD (Nick)
Bio: After enjoying OTC service at the University of St Andrews, Nick joined the 5th (Volunteer) Battalion of the Regiment in 1969 in Lincoln. He subsequently transferred to the Hertford Company, and eventually became Commanding Officer of the Battalion. After a spell as TA Colonel at Sandhurst he became Chairman of East Anglia Reserve Forces and Cadets Association 2006-2011. In his civilian career Nick started as a French teacher, but then went into the film industry eventually setting up his own successful business. He has been a Trustee of the Museum since it opened in 1996 and as well as being the Trustees’ AV expert he oversees all the displays in the Gallery.

Name: Lieutenant Colonel A C E Marinos (Tony)

Name: Mr J M H Naylor (Jimmy)
Bio: Jimmy enlisted with the 1st Battalion in 1994 and, unusually, spent his entire 22-year career with the Vikings. He served in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq. He specialised in communications, becoming Signals Platoon Colour Sergeant and Bowman Systems Manager. He retired from the Regular Army in 2016 and now works as a security manager. Jimmy was always interested in Regimental history and started to get involved with the Museum as the 1st Battalion’s representative at Trustees’ meetings. He is now a Trustee in his own right and much involved in the Museum’s outreach work.

Name: Lieutenant Colonel A Powell MBE (Tony)
Bio: Tony joined the 1st Battalion in 1965 and became a specialist in anti-tank weapons. His early service included a spell as an instructor with the 5th (Volunteer) Battalion. Rising through the ranks he became Regimental Sergeant Major of the 1st Battalion in 1982. He was then commissioned, serving as a Quartermaster and in various staff appointments including at the HQ of NATO’s Rapid Reaction Corps. Retiring from the Regular Army in 2001 he became Deputy Commandant of the Army’s Stanford Training Area in Norfolk. As a Trustee he focusses on the Museum’s accreditation standards and oversees its acquisitions, loans and disposals.

Name: Captain P R Randall (Peter)
Bio: Following in his father’s footsteps Peter joined the 3rd Battalion in Cyprus on a ‘gap year’ commission in 1976. He then spent 3 years at Manchester University reading politics and economics before returning to the 3rd Battalion and becoming a regular officer serving in Colchester and Germany. He left the Army in 1984 to pursue ambitions in the business world. From 1989, after completing a Master of Business Administration degree, he focussed on his entrepreneurial skills setting up and growing a succession of businesses in the telecoms, internet and energy sectors. He is currently CEO of a green energy company. As a Trustee he brings his business skills to the Museum’s activities, and is particularly involved with developing its internet presence.

Name: Major P H Williamson MBE (Peter)
Bio: Peter was commissioned into the Regiment direct from Cambridge University in 1965 and served with the 1st Battalion and the 3rd Battalion. A science graduate, he attended 2 long military technology courses, and became focussed on equipment procurement for the Services. On retirement in 1995 he went into the business world, specialising in company administration. Long interested in Regimental history, he is the Trustee primarily responsible for the Museum’s archives, and for its administration including being the point of contact with the Charity Commission. He is also Chairman of the Trustees of the Essex Regiment Museum.

Name: Major R G Corcoran MBE (Corky)

Name: Lieutenant Colonel R C J Goodin OBE (Robert)

Others Closely Involved With The Running Of The Museum

Name Miss M D Kozlenko (Melissa) – Curator Blog

Name: Mr I D Hook (Ian) – Museum Mentor
Bio: In order to comply with the Arts Council England Accreditation standard the Museum is required to have a Museum Mentor, an experienced museum professional who can provide curatorial advice to the Curator and the Trustees when required. Ian became interested in military history at a very early age. After graduating from Hull University he joined the curatorial staff of the National Army Museum, then became Curator of the Essex Regiment Museum. He is now Project Manager of the War Memorials Register at the Imperial War Museum. Ian’s interest in military matters is not just academic; he served for many years as Drum Major of the Honourable Artillery Company.

Name: Major R P Grenfell (Bob) – Treasurer
Bio: Bob joined the Infantry Junior Leaders’ Battalion in 1969 and 3 years later was posted to the 1st Battalion of the Regiment. He rose through the ranks, serving in Cyprus, Germany, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar, becoming Regimental Sergeant Major of the 1st Battalion in 1992. He was subsequently commissioned, and filled the post of Quartermaster with both the 1st Battalion and the 3rd (Army Reserve) Battalion. After a spell as an admin officer with the 3rd Battalion he became Assistant Regimental Secretary, focussing on Regimental finance and benevolence. A repository of much Regimental history, he serves the Trustees of the Museum as Treasurer.

Name: Mr R J Stevens (Richard) – Working Party Member
Bio: Richard enlisted into the 1st Battalion in 1989 and served with them in England, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan. He also completed tours of duty as an instructor of recruits at Catterick and as a recruiter in Norwich. After 24 years’ service he retired from the Regular Army as a Colour Sergeant and took up a full-time post with the 3rd (Army Reserve) Battalion based in Bury St Edmunds. Always interested in military history, he became involved with the Museum initially as the 3rd Battalion’s representative at Trustees’ meetings. He now assists the Trustees formally as a member of the Acquisitions, Loans and Disposals Working Party.

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